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Top-Quality Auto Body Rubbing Compounds in Houston

Using auto body rubbing compounds is important when you are finishing your automobile. At AJ Foyt Paint & Supply in Houston, we have a wide variety of high-quality products for sale for finishing your car or truck.

We Sell a Wide Variety of Finishing Materials

Because we value our Houston and Sugar Land customers and their automobiles, we only provide the best products in the industry. When it comes to detailing, buffing and polishing, our products provide a professional finish. They include:

polishing an SUV

The Uses of Ultrafine Detailing Polish

With proper use, new life is brought to the paint of your car by removing a top layer of dead, oxidized paint. After applying a sealant or polish, your car is protected to a certain degree from damage. To do this:

  • Completely wash and dry the automobile and then do a visual inspection to see whether you need to compound and wax, or just wax.
  • Machine polish your vehicle with a wool pad and orbital polisher. Make sure the pad is clean and centered on the machine. Apply a small amount of product to the vehicle and begin to buff small areas at a time until the entire vehicle is done.
  • Hand polish your vehicle with a microfiber towel. Try to move your hand in the same motion as a machine would work, rubbing hand glaze over the body in small areas.

Get Started Today in the Rosenberg & Sugar Land Areas

For car enthusiasts, shop owners and do-it-yourselfers, AJ Foyt Paint & Supply in Houston has where you need to get started. Whether you’re looking to buy ultrafine polish, auto body filler or something else, we have you covered in Sugar Land, Rosenberg and surrounding areas. Contact us today at 713-868-0950 to find your perfect materials.